Arpeggio   noun   ar·peg·gio   \  är-ˈpe-jē-ˌō ,  -ˈpe-jō  

1: production of the tones of a chord in succession and not simultaneously

Arpeggio was created by Melati Malay, an Indonesian born, NYC based artist and musician.

Launched in the fall of 2017, each pair is handmade by Melati in her Brooklyn studio from ethically sourced fabrics and metals, with a sustainable and mindful practice at its foundation.

Arpeggio began when Melati started making jewelry for her own stage costumes, but quickly grew from the demands of her friends and contemporaries. 

Melati's background in music provided the inspiration for the label. Each pair is named after a composer who influenced her own musical journey; from the transformative spectralism of Finland’s Kaijia Saariaho, to the crystalline minimalism of Japan's Toru Takemitsu.